Are you a Facebook user and want to figure out how to find items to buy on facebook marketplace?

If yes, can you have access to the marketplace on facebook?

Okay, here are the steps for accessing the facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace: How To Locate Things To Buy On Marketplace

Interestingly, during the course of this article, we will consider the following:

  1. How to browse the marketplace by categories
  2. how to search for something specific on facebook marketplace
  3. How to edit your location or distance on facebook marketplace
  4. How to filters to categories on facebook marketplace

Let’s started…

First off use this link to check out if you can access the marketplace.

If the link takes you to the facebook marketplace, congratulations you’re eligible to use the online marketing platform to buy and sell things on facebook.

If it didn’t take you rather gave you a message informing you that you can’t access the platform at the moment, bear in mind that you can always check back to see if you can access the platform.

Note: If you can’t locate facebook marketplace, you can try reinstalling the Facebook app and restarting your device. If however, it still doesn’t work, bear in mind that facebook is not available to all facebook users, locations, not available to people below the ages of 18. Interestingly, facebook working on how to get marketplace available to everyone.

Yes! To those of us that can locate the facebook marketplace, congratulationS.

Let’s continue with the business of the day. How to locate stuff to buy on the facebook marketplace.

How to Login Facebook Marketplace

To access the facebook marketplace, you’ll need to first of all login your Facebook account.

  1. From, enter your login requirements
  2. Click on the facebook login icon and you’ll be taken to your account

If you can’t login your facebook account, how to recover a disabled facebook account will be helpful.

Facebook Marketplace Buy And Sell

The Facebook marketplace is a free online marketing platform where facebook users who can access it list items for sale. The listing of things for sell on facebook marketplace is free of charge.

Likewise, the buying of items other people listed for sell.

Buyers on seeing a listing they are interested in, contact the seller via messaging and if an agreement is met, the goods are exchanged with monetary values.

Locating marketplace on facebook

For those of us who are using an iPhone to access the facebook marketplace, once you are logged in your facebook app, just tap the marketplace icon at the bottom of the screen. It looks exactly like the white icon, and when you tap on it, exactly like the blue icon.

Facebook Marketplace: How To Locate Things To Buy On Marketplace

For desktop computer users, you can locate the marketplace icon at the left column of your Facebook news feed.

You can search for something specific or browse by category to find products on the marketplace. You can also sort your findings and filter them, or adjust the location of the things you are searching for.

How to Browse Facebook Marketplace By Categories

As a facebook user who has access to the marketplace, you can browse facebook marketplace by categories for items you want to buy.

The steps on how to do that are very simple and easy. See how to:

  1. Click the marketplace on your Facebook newsfeed
  2. Next, click on a category at the left column of the facebook marketplace to browse different categories

That is it how to browse facebook marketplace by categories for things you want to buy.

How to Search for Something Specific on Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for something to buy on the facebook marketplace, you can use the search bar to look for a specific item you want. To do that, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the marketplace button at the left column of your Facebook account
  2. Type the name of the item you’re looking for in the search box
  3. Finally, click on the search button and you’re done. Lists of items will be displayed for you.

That is it on how to search specific items on facebook marketplace. It is as simple as that.

How to Edit your Location or Distance on Facebook Marketplace

Before you proceed to edit your location or distance, it is important to note that the Marketplace enables a total search range from a location of 100 miles or kilometers.

You will need to try to enter another location to see more marketplace search results.

Another thing that you need to note here is that if items near your location don’t match your search on the facebook marketplace, you may see listings outside of your preferred search distance.

To edit your location or distance on facebook marketplace, do the following:

  1. Locate and click on the marketplace icon at the left column of your facebook newsfeed
  2. Next, enter your preferred location under the location section. This can be located in the left column of the left menu
  3. Finally, choose the distance you can travel from your location

That is how to edit location and distance on marketplace.

How to Filters to Categories on Facebook Marketplace

  1. From, click Marketplace in the top left of your facebook newsfeed.
  2. Next, look for Categories on the left and choose a category.
  3. You can filter the category you’re browsing with the filters on the left (example: Price).
    Note that the difference between filtering and sorting your results on Facebook Marketplace:
    – Filtering enables you to refine your results (example: Category).
    – Sorting enables you to organize your results.

That is how to filters to categories on facebook marketplace.

That is it on Facebook Marketplace: How To Locate Things To Buy On Marketplace.

I hope this article was helpful.

If you have any questions or contributions regarding this marketplace guide, use the comment box below and we would be glad to attempt your question.

Thanks for reading this guide. Do have a nice time.

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