Facebook Marketplace App: Are you a facebook user and looking for a guide on how to access your listing on facebook marketplace app? Or are you just looking for a guide on how to access the facebook marketplace? If your answer to any of the questions is yes, here is a comprehensive guide on how to find facebook marketplace. This post will also guide on facebook marketplace app. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share. See: facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace App

Facebook marketplace feature introduced to the world in 2016 is now available on the Facebook application making it easier to access the marketplace and more convenient for buying and selling. You can access the Facebook marketplace option from the bottom of your Facebook application homepage for IOS and the top of your Facebook application homepage for Android by tapping the white storefront icon.

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Facebook marketplace app or web page runs on listings. These listings are arranged in categories that help organize products for easy access and quickly find products you want to purchase. It also indicates products that are most wanted and purchased most.

Features of Facebook Marketplace Local App
With the marketplace now on the Facebook application, you can carry your store and sell or buy products with you anywhere in the world with an internet connection to access your Facebook account. Get instant notifications from the Facebook marketplace and so much more. Some other features include:

Portable: With Facebook marketplace now on the Facebook application you can go anywhere and not be worried about losing business with your store in your pocket and a click away.
User-friendly: Facebook application is a user-friendly easy to navigate social media platform which makes marketplace on the Facebook app also easy to use.

How to Access Marketplace Listing on Facebook App
Marketplace on the Facebook application is a social media e-commerce platform used by Facebook users for buying, selling, transactions, negotiating and exchanging goods and services. Think Amazon with a chat option.

In order to use the marketplace, you need to create a listing. Follow these steps to create your own product listing and start selling on the marketplace today:

  • Tap on the marketplace publisher with the “what are you listing” prompt
  • Select your preferred category and your phone camera would open
  • Select an existing photo or take a new one and edit it
  • Tap Next in the upper right corner to proceed
  • Enter all the necessary information for your selected item
  • Share on the only marketplace or also on your profile
  • Tap post.

That is it on facebook marketplace app. Interestingly, you are now a vendor on the Facebook marketplace with products up on display. Stay tuned and enjoy selling and buying.

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